We are selfish

She got out of her bed lazily. Put her hair in a messy bun, tried to take in the surroundings with her sleepy,groggy eyes. It took her a few minutes to realise that she was in her own room. Her safe haven AND heaven, too. 
She looked out the window and saw that the weather was still ugly. She hated this much rain. She felt like a sponge. All the time wet and icky. But what could she do!!! Usually she tried to solve all her problems on her own but this was out of her hand, unless she decided to move into a happy,sunny city. But with her current finances…haha.

She walked into the bathroom and stood in front of a mirror for a whole minute. She studied her normal features. Normal eyes, normal lips, normal nose, normal complexion and normal hair. She wasn’t a “hoor” or some out-of-the-world fairy. She was just normal! 

After brushing her teeth, she made herself a cup of coffee. and went outside to sit on the steps of her apartment. The rain had stopped. Thank God. But there was this thin mist clinging to every thing in sight. And in the mist, she could imagine seeing images. These were the images that were etched in her mind but she had repressed them. The good and the bad. There, under the tree, he had confessed his feelings for her. And there,near that pole, he told her that he wanted to marry her and she had said yes. And then there were the bad ones. Under the tree, he had told her that his kidneys were failing. And near that pole,he said that the doctor had given him just 2 months to live. How could he???

She had loved him more than his heart’s content in those two months. And he didn’t hold back either. They contained their whole lives in those months. They lived more than they could. She made him forget that he was ill. It was just wonderful love filling their lives. And one rainy day, he left. Just like that.

It wasn’t a dramatic death,like in the movies. he had died peacefully in his sleep. It was a normal death of a normal person. the only extraordinary thing that died that day was the love they had.

People say that true love never dies. False. It does die. You just never give up on the memory of the joy that love had brought you. 

Because we are selfish!


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