Elevate yourself!

We live in a world that is a wonderful and terrifying place all at once. And  keep on living….despite all the horrible episodes.

Every person in our life comes for a reason, and when they leave, we are left with a new lesson, a new vision and a new thought. And that interaction leaves us a changed person. 

When we face something unpleasant, we play our favorite game-the blame game. It’s always the other person’s fault for not understanding our situation. What we don’t get is that we are the ones to blame. We let him in…we made ourselves vulnerable, we gave him the power to hurt us, we relied on him to make us happy. don’t let people do that to you. And more importantly, don’t do that to yourself. Elevate yourself from such situations. don’t lose yourself and your self respect. And LEARN from the lessons people leave you with. These lessons may be hard learned but are the most important part of your life.

On the other hand, if something great comes our way, it’s entirely possible because of ourselves. We made it happen. And that’s when we become self centered and conceited. Learn to appreciate the happiness people bring in your life. ELEVATE YOURSELF.

The most important point here is, that all the good and bad things are a mere PART of life. Extracting the essence of every interaction is the lesson here, people. Don’t drag yourself down because of every bad experience and learn to appreciate other people’s part in your lives. 


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