Love the “LOVE”

I’ve been wondering that almost every writer, poet and intellect(or whatever) wants to or has written about LOVE.

Now,I wonder that why is it so necessary to “write” about love? 

Me being a very spiritual person believe that love is the reason God created this whole universe and all the beings in it. 

Everyone has their own perspective of viewing this amazing ‘phenomenon’ (I can’t discuss them all here because that would take me ages and you will fall asleep and I don’t want that,do I?)but what I gather from people is that

love is the most precious, beautiful, fiery, mythical, unbelievable, extraordinary and certainly perilous emotion in this universe. 

I may not be very old, but I definitely have faced too much and had one too many experiences in my life. And, correct me if I’m wrong, people who try to describe love are the ones who are in pursuit of it or have lost it. The people who are blessed with this happiness don’t mention it much. & You know what I gather from this?? That we stop appreciating love once we find it. Don’t do that because then you’ll be stuck writing and thinking about it!!! 

It’s God’s greatest gift to mankind. Cherish it today and He will fill your life with all the love you need!!!


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