A brand new year is here…Time to start afresh. Time to make resolutions (which we forget about a week later). Time to turn a new page. Time to say “happy new year to all of you.”

I’ve never been much of a “resolution person”. I never do. But this year I made a resolution.  

I promised myself to “own life”.


We make so many mistakes in life and just think about it, how many times do you fully accept it? how many times have you said “yes, it’s my fault and nobody else is responsible.” We make excuses for our lame and wrong decisions. Why should we? 

We are human. A unique one in all. We are allowed to make wrong turns. We don’t have to explain ourselves. We shouldn’t have to make excuses. It’s our life and whatever we do is our responsibility.  And we should be able to “own it”.

Similarly, our happiness doesn’t depend on other people. We ourselves are the reason of our bliss. Sure, other people bring joy to us but we are the ones who allowed them to enter our lives. We don’t have to be guilty to feel this way. We have to “own” the fact that we are happy because of ourselves.

So this year make a resolution to 

Own the happiness

Own your mistakes

Own the love that comes your way

Own the opportunities you get 

Own the sadness and anger 

Own whatever life throws at you.

You are a beautiful creature. Unique in every way. And you deserve to be whatever and however you want to be. So this year just OWN your beautiful self and embrace it because you deserve it and you won’t get this year again.

Happy New year!!!


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