Something about “forgiving”

I hear at least two people daily, saying, “forgive everyone.” 

I think it’s easier said than done. I mean, most people do actually forgive, right away(they are amazing btw) But some neither forgive, nor forget. 

Such people, in my view, are downright mean, very much hurt or WOMEN. Yes, women. They don’t forgive easily. 

Women eventually forgive men for hurting them (in any possible way). But women NEVER forgive women. 

And what I understand is that this is because each woman is essentially the same. They have the same weaknesses and insecurities. Every woman is supposed to understand that. It’s like a “bro code” or rather  “sista’ code” and you’re not supposed to break it.

Every woman on the planet goes through almost the same pains in her life. They are made of the same mushy material on the inside, no matter how tough they look on the outside. But it’s sad to see that in today’s world, it’s the women pulling down other women. It’s women breaking each other’s trust. It’s women discouraging women. It’s women hating women.  These haters target other women for “sins” they haven’t committed. Why can’t we accept and support the diversity of thought? 

Why, o , why????

Stop the hating and start forgiving. Do your thing and let others do theirs.  Be a support and only then, this world be such a better place to live in. I promise that. 


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