My love… Forever. (Pt.1)

I love to read…Just love it. But I realise that the busier I get, the more distant I become with my love…Books. 
Also, it’s hard to buy books when you live in a faaaaaaaaar off village, where there are almost no book shops and libraries.

For a person like me, that’s inferno.

But….Someday I’ll find my heaven of books and be happy, once and for all. (Pause for dramatic effect)

Until then, I have to make do with the books I have. 

I have, literally, read the books I have, at least 5 times, each. And I fall in love with them all over again. Every time.

And I’ve decided that I’ll share every book I read, with all of you.(And bore you off the couch because you read these books a zillion years ago.)

My current favorite is Ronlyn Domingue’s ” THE MERCY OF THIN AIR”.

I think this book is just perfect for a hopeless romantic like me. And I actually believe that I will be with the love of my life, even after I die. 

Andrew is the guy, every girl dreams of and Razi is the girl, I dream to become. Very independent. 

The duo have made me smile, cry and melt my heart every time I meet them on the pages. 

Those of you, who haven’t read this, should definitely read this.

This love story is more than perfect! And I’ll keep reading it. Again and again….


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