Just One of Those Days!

It’s one of those days, when you feel that everything is going down-hill. and the weather seems to be in-sync with your feelings. Isn’t this the worst???

Today, I was just a moody little kid, who’s mommy didn’t get her favorite ice-cream for her. All day long, i felt miserable and was doused in self-pity.

I don’t have a job.

I need money(obviously).

My in-laws make me feel suicidal, everyday.

My husband lives faaaaaaaaar away for his work. So, basically, we are living a long-distance relationship.

New school-year for kids is going to start(which means more expenditures).

Blah blah blah…

Now, here’s the thing about self-pity. It’s kind of a slippery slope. I even start worrying about my sneezes and flu. That little toe-nail I broke, might never grow back. My hair is so oily, all the time.

I feel that I’m the most worried person on the planet. My little problems seem to be the trials of the century. Most distressed and hopeless person.

In the evening, while drinking(my sorrows away in) a cup of tea, I was looking at my kids playing and laughing at all the silly, little things.

My son, was painting a box with his watercolors. The colors made no sense. But it looked so pretty. Just swirls and lines of all colors. He seemed the most joyous person on the planet.
My daughter was playing with her dolls. She was dressing them up and doing their hair. And she was having little-talk with the dolls. Telling them about her friends, school and the new dress she wanted.

Watching them having so much fun in all the little  things, I smiled despite myself. 

What bliss and what pleasure they had on their innocent little faces. Why can’t we be like kids? 

They enjoy the moment they are living. They don’t care about the past and don’t fret about the future. Just the present moment.

They are thankful for all the little things they have. They cherish the love they receive and reciprocate it. They enjoy the smallest things. They get boo-boos, cry for 10 minutes and forget all about them.

Life is problematic. Simple. So why do we worry all the time? Every issue will resolve itself with time. You just have to wait for the moment. Until then, just stop and enjoy the present moment. This minute will not come back. Make the most of it. 

Hug your kids, kiss your husband/wife, and if you’re in a long distance relationship (like me), then kiss, their photos or FaceTime them often. Love the horrible weather,  enjoy your tea while sneezing uncontrollably.  You might not find the job if your dreams, but you will find something that would put meals in your table. Self-pity will get you nowhere and do you no good. For more motivation, spend more time with kids and learn their ways of being happy.

But, hey, we have our bad days.

Make a note to yourself daily:

This is the moment. This is a gift, a blessing. This is unique.  And we need to remember this all the time. Especially me!!!




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