The “Supreme”

We all are blessed…in one way or the other. We just have to SEE.

Each of us follows a faith or belief or religion(call it what suits you) and majority of us believe in “DESTINY”. Now, I know there are alot of forces acting together in our lives. But I believe that these two are the most critical components. 


Whatever faith(or religion) we follow, forms our character. It makes us who we are. It gives us an identity. We live our life accordingly. That belief marks the course of our actions. It controls us subconsciously. It’s like our Operating system. We may add different programs but the system remains the same.

And then comes the destiny into play.

We all have heard the proverb “what you sow, shall you reap”. That’s basically destiny or fate or God. Every act,may it be small or large, lives on in us. It leaves an imprint on several lives around us and we may not even be aware. And the fate returns it to us. Destiny rewards or punishes us…. And sometimes it gives us bonuses too. We call ourselves lucky, then. 

But when you feel lucky, just stop for a moment and ask yourself, “do I deserve this? And if I do, how am I returning the favors I’m receiving? Am I just a taker? Shouldn’t I also become a giver?” Look around you and you’ll get your answers. Look for the “unlucky” ones and share a bit of your luck with them. And I promise you that destiny will award you even more. 

Because whatever faith you follow, giving is the act of Supreme!


Let love find you….

I lost my mother at the age of just 12. I was lost and clueless at that age. I didn’t know how to live a “civilized” life. I sure as hell didn’t know how to deal with people. I had spent the 12 years of my existence being pampered and loved and ultimately spoiled.Because I was the only sister of three elder brothers. 

But when I lost her, I lost everything. I became aggressive and defensive….all the time. I didn’t trust anyone, not even myself. Simply put, I hated everything. I became a rebel. And I wanted to burn the whole damn world. 

I couldn’t stand anyone criticizing me. I thought I was right…all the time. I did whatever I wanted regardless of the fact how many people I hurt. And believe me, I hurt alot of people. I can’t lament enough.

Then I got married. At the age of just 17. I had my first baby after a year of marriage. And I still wasn’t happy. Then another baby after 4years. But still not satisfied and happy. 
Now anybody would ask that what the hell was my problem. I had a loving husband and two beautiful kids. The problem was that I didn’t know what  my freakin’ problem was. I just wanted to run away. I wanted to be alone. I still stood at the stage where I was at the age of 12. I was lost.

But then, so many things changed. or maybe I just grew up. I don’t know what happened but I changed. To the core. My father in law passed away. my third baby passed away. I went through a really rough patch in life and then I saw through people. I understood the double meanings of the what people said.That’s when I stopped caring for the shitty shit people talked about me. And I started believing in me. I started appreciating the love and kindness in my life. Little by little, I tried to return that love. That was the time when my heart started to calm down. It was feeling settled again. After so many long years. My husband became the anchor for my sinking ship. He pulled me back from the darkness. He showed me the true meaning of life and love. And I changed. Now, I can safely say that I am not what I was 5 years ago. I am a completely different person.

The point I want to make here is this. Things may seem dark and gloomy and bad, but it isn’t the end of your tale. There is always good at the end of every bad. It will come to you. You don’t necessarily have to look for it. Your life will change. In time. There will be that one person who will be your anchor in those times. That person will be the one who will believe in you, who will love you through all your bad decisions, and then guide you….with love. That person may be your parent, your siblings, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your partner, your spouse. Look for that person and change will come to you. And remember, don’t be deceived by momentary love. It will just ruin you even more.LOOK FOR TRUE LOVE.  and your life will change forever.  And if anyone tells you otherwise, don’t believe them. Because love CAN change everything. I promise. Just, let love lead the way. Let love find you.

Elevate yourself!

We live in a world that is a wonderful and terrifying place all at once. And  keep on living….despite all the horrible episodes.

Every person in our life comes for a reason, and when they leave, we are left with a new lesson, a new vision and a new thought. And that interaction leaves us a changed person. 

When we face something unpleasant, we play our favorite game-the blame game. It’s always the other person’s fault for not understanding our situation. What we don’t get is that we are the ones to blame. We let him in…we made ourselves vulnerable, we gave him the power to hurt us, we relied on him to make us happy. don’t let people do that to you. And more importantly, don’t do that to yourself. Elevate yourself from such situations. don’t lose yourself and your self respect. And LEARN from the lessons people leave you with. These lessons may be hard learned but are the most important part of your life.

On the other hand, if something great comes our way, it’s entirely possible because of ourselves. We made it happen. And that’s when we become self centered and conceited. Learn to appreciate the happiness people bring in your life. ELEVATE YOURSELF.

The most important point here is, that all the good and bad things are a mere PART of life. Extracting the essence of every interaction is the lesson here, people. Don’t drag yourself down because of every bad experience and learn to appreciate other people’s part in your lives. 

We are selfish

She got out of her bed lazily. Put her hair in a messy bun, tried to take in the surroundings with her sleepy,groggy eyes. It took her a few minutes to realise that she was in her own room. Her safe haven AND heaven, too. 
She looked out the window and saw that the weather was still ugly. She hated this much rain. She felt like a sponge. All the time wet and icky. But what could she do!!! Usually she tried to solve all her problems on her own but this was out of her hand, unless she decided to move into a happy,sunny city. But with her current finances…haha.

She walked into the bathroom and stood in front of a mirror for a whole minute. She studied her normal features. Normal eyes, normal lips, normal nose, normal complexion and normal hair. She wasn’t a “hoor” or some out-of-the-world fairy. She was just normal! 

After brushing her teeth, she made herself a cup of coffee. and went outside to sit on the steps of her apartment. The rain had stopped. Thank God. But there was this thin mist clinging to every thing in sight. And in the mist, she could imagine seeing images. These were the images that were etched in her mind but she had repressed them. The good and the bad. There, under the tree, he had confessed his feelings for her. And there,near that pole, he told her that he wanted to marry her and she had said yes. And then there were the bad ones. Under the tree, he had told her that his kidneys were failing. And near that pole,he said that the doctor had given him just 2 months to live. How could he???

She had loved him more than his heart’s content in those two months. And he didn’t hold back either. They contained their whole lives in those months. They lived more than they could. She made him forget that he was ill. It was just wonderful love filling their lives. And one rainy day, he left. Just like that.

It wasn’t a dramatic death,like in the movies. he had died peacefully in his sleep. It was a normal death of a normal person. the only extraordinary thing that died that day was the love they had.

People say that true love never dies. False. It does die. You just never give up on the memory of the joy that love had brought you. 

Because we are selfish!

What doesn’t kill you….

I never gave much heed to this quote. maybe because I never actually grasped the full meaning of it. but some lessons are learned the hard way.

I feel no shame in admitting that I used to be a very weak and vulnerable person. I made very bad decisions in my life. The kind of bad that ruin your life forever. And I used to break down at EVERY LITTLE THING. You just had to look at me harsh and I would become a human hose. In short, a weak stupid idiot I was.

Then, last year I went through a very difficult pregnancy. And I had to deliver my third baby at just 33weeks. My son was a very beautiful baby. At a normal healthy weight of 6lbs. But he wasn’t stable when born so had to be taken to a children’s hospital. As it was my third c-section, I wasn’t in a fit state to stay with him at the other hospital. So I came home and he stayed. I never got to hold him. Never got to love him and tell him that. I prayed to God to save his life. I prayed all the time. But he had come for just six days. on the morning of the seventh day, he quietly breathed his last. 

When my husband gave me the news through tears, I thought I would die. I thought that I would NEVER come out of it. I would never be sane. How could he just leave mommy like that!!!! 
But I lived. I didn’t die. I didn’t lose my mind. And that’s when I understood the meaning of this quote. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I had endured the pain of this catastrophe. I could live. I had to live.for my other two kids. I had to be strong. And I came out of this pain, a better stronger person.

Now, I am capable of making intelligent and sensible decisions. I am not influenced by shit that people throw my way. I smile at people when they criticize my ways. I laugh along with the people who laugh at me. Because of what didn’t kill me….

Tiny life

I love how ants walk and talk…. Each ant stops by other ants as if greeting each other. This tiny creature has an immense universe of it own. And that’s the beauty of it.

Carrying their foods in their tiny mouths, they all are in a hurry. They all are fighting their way through this struggle of a life. But this doesn’t stop them. It doesn’t bring down its hopes. And this tiny life is larger than life!


All the wealth in the world

Know what would be good? Being filthy rich. It would be just amazing to go out and buy whatever we want…but you can’t get everything in life. It’s not that easy. and it would be wise to realise it as soon as you can. It will keep you sane.

Though there are some things in life which are priceless and precious. You just have to recognize them. 

When I lost my mom at a very young age of 12, I thought “that’s it!!I’m going to be forever alone”. For many years, I lived with this feeling. I shoved everyone away from me. I just ultimately believed that I won’t ever be loved.

Even when I got married, I couldn’t love my husband nor accept his love for a very long time. I didn’t believe in love. But when I went through a very dark phase of my life, perhaps the darkest(I lost my week-old son), I let love enter me once again. I let it become my strength rather than my weakness. That was when I understood how much my husband loved me and had been living me for our whole married life.

And that realization,my friends, is priceless and precious. To be loved when you’ve got nothing and you’re at the lowest point of your life. When nobody is willing to stand by you, that one person who holds your hand to get you out of hell is the most important and valuable part of your life. Never let it go. And NEVER forget it. Because love enters but once. Dont shut it out!