What a wonderful life!

Just the other day I was wondering to myself that how amazing is it to be a parent. I mean I sometimes get really frustrated that I can’t do anything with my life. And it feels boring to be a stay at home mom. But then the other day…..

You know when you have a garden and it has so many beautiful plants but what you really want is an exotic plant you saw somewhere else. And after many struggle you get your hands on that plant’s seed. You very lovingly plant it in the earth. You take care of it and water it daily. And think about the day it grows up to be a tall tree. Just the feeling elates you beyond anything. 

The plant grows before your very eyes. You prune it and trim it. And it’s just a wonderful thing to watch. That’s what having a kid feels like. And I am so thankful to God that I am able to groom two beautiful plants and am watching them grow up. It fills me up with pride. Now I believe that this pride is more than enough of a driving force to get me through life!



The title means “welcome” in Urdu language. So I welcome you and myself to this blog. I have so much stuff in my mind, it’s kind of insane….and I need an outlet. Simple. I don’t claim to be a literary genius or a seasoned writer, I’m just a nobody from nowhere. So whether anybody reads or not, I will have given my words the freedom they deserve. So once again,khush’amdeed. 🙂